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The Wife of the Lamb is a body of believers throughout the world who have been baptized into the fullness of the body of Christ.  We are sounding forth this end time truth of Ephesians 4:11-16, fulfilling the mandate of Revelation 10:8-11, in which the Voice of Authorization spoke from heaven and told the Wife of the Lamb to take possession of the little book and eat it up and prophesy again.  This prophesying is now going forth as shown in our books entitled, The Voice of Authorization, Christ Came as a Thief in the Night and Is Visible as the Wife of the Lamb, Christ the Wife: A People Without a Country, Now That Which Is To Be Done Will Now Be Done, A Seamless Transition, The Chronicles of the Tenth Chapter of Revelation: And the Eating of a Bitter Meal, The Wife's Covenant, The Gospel for the Wife in Israel, Crowned With The Perfect Man's Revelation, The Gospel According to the Wife of the Lamb, With God a Promise Made is a Promise Kept, and The She Part of Christ is the Wife o the Lamb in All Her GloryIf you would like to visit with us here at Sound of Liberty, we are located at 7286 Hwy 53W, Dawsonville, Georgia 30534 (USA), just 7 miles west of the city of Dawsonville. For service times, please see our Calendar.

The Father Worketh, And His Son Doeth His Work, Yet There Is No Conflict (3220)
It Is Big! It Has Never Been Seen On This Measure.

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The Ministry Of The Glorified Flesh And Bones (3215)
O'Glory To God! Death, The Last Enemy, Has Been Conquered! (3222)
Recognizing When Time And Scripture Meets (3212)