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Paul Planted, Apollos Watered, And God Gave The Increase - Chilanga, Zambia (2138)
Then there was the voice from heaven that spake again. The voice from heaven spake to John and said, "Go take the little book which is open in the hand of the Mighty Angel." Now we're getting into another time period. We're going from Revelation 10:7 to Revelation 10:8. In Revelation 10:7, God took His prophet off the scene when the mystery was finished. The world was in the evening light. The Word says at evening time there will be light; and praise God there was light in evening time as that day was coming to a close. But as Brother Lovemore was saying earlier, every morning the sun rises and it sets in the evening time; and the next morning the hand of God gets the sun up. The hand of God is reaching out with the sun for a new day.


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