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The Word of God is a continuing unfolding of revelation as the apostle wrote in the Book of Romans 1:16-17, "We move from faith (revelation) to faith (revelation)." And the Word is still unfolding to the wife of the Lamb. The messages on this website (over 1,950 - beginning in the mid 1960s and continuing until now) are also a constant unfolding of more revelation and enlightenment of the Word of God as we understand the Word more than we did when the preaching of God's Word began in the late 1950s. This message is a chain of revelation that stretches from the late 1950s to this present time, as this light has shone brighter and brighter, until the present light now shines as the noon day sun in the Wife of the Lamb.


from the testimony of Bro. Ben Howard
The story of the "Two Ands" begins with a new Schofield Bible that was given to me by the South Carolina church as a gift. It has a navy blue cover, with a thumb index. As I began reading that new Bible one morning, I had a strange thing happen.

The night before, I had a dream and it was a very strange dream to say the least. In this dream, I was down below my house in the woods. There appeared a white marble granite type stone monument in front of me and it was shaped in an M. Like some type of memorial and a monument had been set up there. . . .