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The Message That Is Contrariwise (2973)
This last trump of God message of the wife of the Lamb is contrary to what came before it, because we have taken the revelation of the Word further on. And it is Word that is up-to-date, that is present tense, and as Paul said, "They added nothing unto me!" And they can add nothing unto us. Because we can see through it all by seeing and hearing the sounding of this trumpet. When we see this, we can see all that's behind and all that is yet to take place; and we know that what we're saying is contrariwise to anything that's behind or before. And in this message of the trumpet, we show where their errors are and why they didn't come to the Word. And we've got to show that in order to show that we are the wife of the Lamb expressing our Husband and King, the Lord Jesus Christ.