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The Reason for the Two Ands

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

The story of the "Two Ands" begins in the 1970s with a new Schofield Bible that was given to me by the South Carolina church as a gift. It has a navy blue cover, with a thumb index. As I began reading that new Bible one morning, I had a strange thing happen.

The night before, I had a dream and it was a very strange dream to say the least. In this dream, I was down below my house in the woods. There appeared a white marble granite type stone monument in front of me and it was shaped in an "M," like some type of memorial for which a monument had been set up there. It looked to be about 6 feet tall and about 30 to 40 inches wide and it was so glistening white. At the curve of the "M" at the top on the left side in bold black letters was the word "AND". Then on the right side in the curve at the top was the word, "AND". Just as suddenly as this appeared, it disappeared; then I woke up. As I thought on this strange dream, I said, "Surely that can't be spiritual. I wouldn't dare tell anybody about it; they would think I had eaten some hot peppers or something before going to bed."

So I got up the following morning and sat down at the table where I had left my Bible the day before. After I had been marking some scriptures in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, I started to read Saint John. I read Chapter One and on to Chapter 2. As I read Chapter 2, I came to Verse 22 and I read right over the "two ands" in that verse without noticing them. At this point it seemed that something warm came over me and all of a sudden I was in the woods again looking at the stone type monument with the "two ands" written on it. Then as I looked at my Bible there in John 2:22, those "two ands" there in the scripture began to rise up and off the page and became larger as they rose. Then as they returned back to their page, they went back to their normal size. This happened several times and then stopped. After I regained my composure, I began to read John 2:22 again. Then I saw something in that verse that I had never seen before. It spoke of the written Word and the spoken Word. Watch this scripture as it reveals the "two ands" - "AND (1st AND) they (the disciples) believed the scripture AND (2nd AND) the Word which Jesus had said." The written Word is the "1st And," and the spoken Word is the "2nd And" of this scripture; and it takes both to tie it all together.

This "2nd And" is the prophetic part of the Apostle Paul's Message that the Gentile espoused church failed to take possession of.  It was picked up into heaven and sealed within the Book of Redemption (the Bible) with seven seals after they had fallen from God's Word as the church ages began. But now the Lamb has broken all the seals and has come as the Mighty Angel giving us the revelation that was sealed away as Christ and the bride are married. Revelation 10:8-11 shows the spoken Word or the "2nd And" as Christ is now speaking through His wife revelation that is pertinent for our day, as Paul had the spoken Word to the espoused bride that was pertinent for his day. Paul's message is now the written Word or the "1st And" - while this message is the spoken Word or the "2nd And," which is now for the wife as we speak for Him.

The Two Ands and the Seven Seals

My Testimony