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The Intrepreted Book Of Revelation -- Chapter Synopses
An Introduction to Each Chapter



Chapter one of the Book of Revelation shows us a clear picture of the Godhead. It began with these words: "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him." So, in chapter one we deal primarily with God (the eternal Spirit) and Jesus Christ the Son of God. You will be able to understand the Godhead as you read this chapter.

This chapter also shows the throne, the seven Spirits, John on the Island of Patmos, the seven churches of Asia, and the seven stars, which are the seven earthly messengers to the seven churches of Asia, which typed out the seven church ages and the seven messengers.

The seven spiritual angels or the seven Spirits of God, before the throne, are seen for the first time in the New Testament in chapter one verse four. These seven angels play an important part in the plan of redemption in the seven church ages. They have various jobs to do. First, they are the spiritual angels to the church ages, they have the seals, they are the thunders, they blow the trumpets and pour out the vials, amongst other things. These are explained in other chapters, so in chapter one the Godhead is a very important subject. It's not "Jesus Only," neither is it "Trinitarianism" as chapter one shows us. read chapter


Chapter two shows us a picture of the church, not as it was at Pentecost in 33 A.D., but as it was from about 66 A.D. to 1520 A.D., and covers the first four church ages.

The Books of Acts shows the church from 33 A.D. to 66 A.D. This was a period of time when Christ directed His Church from within, before it fell away from the pure Word and before wheat and tares were permitted to grow together, and Christ had to withdraw the fullness of Himself from the church and directed His church using the seven spiritual angels to convey His Word to His church for seven church ages, until He returns in Revelation, chapter 10. Also, there was one man in each age that stood out from the other ministers that the spiritual angel used to preach the Word for that age to the people, and he became the star for that age, as you will learn from this book. May I say here, that seven churches actually existed in John's day and there were seven men (Pastors) that the seven Spirits (angels) ministered to; and this set a pattern for the seven church ages.

One thing more; this is the time the mother of harlots was born (Catholic Church) and she ruled Western Europe for a thousand years putting to death millions of God's true saints that wouldn't obey her and believe her lies. read chapter


Chapter three shows us the last three church ages, the birth, life and death of Protestantism, which in the scripture are the daughters of the great mother whore. (Rev. 17:5) This is the time of the reformation when God begins to restore truth to His true church, but in each age they organized and made a denomination. The anti-christ took control of the false churches, while God's true church moved with the Word as you will see in this third chapter.

This chapter covers the period of time from 1520 A.D. until the end, as God kills the children (Protestant Churches) and the great whore with spiritual death, and cast them into the tribulation period.   read chapter


Chapter four shows John, a type of the true church, as he is picked up to heaven in the Spirit. Also it shows that after the church ages are over the Bride will be raptured off the earth while the tribulation is going on here on the earth. John saw Jesus sitting in the Father's throne. He saw the four beasts and twenty-four elders sitting on smaller thrones. What does it mean? It's explained in the fourth chapter of this book.
read chapter


Chapter five shows Jesus sitting on the Father's throne with a scroll in His right hand sealed with seven seals. While John is in this vision and sees Jesus sitting on the throne, he saw a Lamb come and take the scroll out of the right hand of Him that sits on the throne. The one on the Father's throne is Jesus, as the power of the eternal Spirit (Father) is invested in the man Christ Jesus. So Jesus is in the Father's position in this vision. That means something else would have to show Jesus claiming what He has redeemed. So God let John see a Lamb in this vision with seven eyes and seven horns. There's no such creature like that in heaven, it only shows what Jesus obtained by becoming God's Lamb as He died on the cross.

The seven eyes and seven horns show the Lamb's seven workings in the seven church ages. This Lamb takes the scroll out of the right hand of Him that sat on the throne. read chapter


Chapter six shows the Lamb opening six of the seven seals that were on the scroll after He took the scroll. Chapter eight, verse one shows the 7th seal opened, which also was opened at the time of the opening of the six seals that's recorded in this 6th chapter. This took place in 1963 as the Lamb broke the seals and sent the revelation of them to His church by the seventh church age messenger. read chapter


Chapter seven shows the gospel going back to Israel and 144,000 Jews being sealed with the seal of God. It also shows a great multitude who came out of great tribulation and washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. These are the foolish virgins and those called-out of organized religions in the last 3 1/2 years of the 70th week of Daniel by the 144,000. So the foolish virgins that wake up prior to the beginning of the week, and those called-out in the last 3 1/2 years by the 144,000, together make the tribulation saints.

There is no way we can understand this chapter without first understanding there are seven years left to Israel. That's the 70th week of Daniel. So it's explained at the beginning of the seventh chapter. The 144,000 are called-out in the first 3 1/2 years and they preach the everlasting gospel in the last 3 1/2 years, while the tribulation saints give their lives for their stand for the Word. read chapter


Chapter eight shows, first of all, the seventh seal opened by the Lamb, that's explained in the tenth chapter of this book, and that's the happenings of the seventh seal.

In this chapter, the seven angels are given seven trumpets. Four of them sound in this eighth chapter and are the message of the two prophets of Revelation chapter eleven. This takes place in the first part of Daniel's 70th week. Also, an angel announces the three woes that take place at the middle of the week. read chapter


Chapter nine shows the sounding of the fifth and sixth trumpets. At the sounding of the fifth trumpet the bottomless pit is opened and demons are loosed to torment mankind for a season. This is the first woe. At the sounding of the sixth trumpet, these demons become military demons to get the Far East and other nations in uniform for the battle of Armageddon. The fifth trumpet sounds at the middle of the week. The sixth sounds a little later on over in the last half of the week. read chapter


Chapter ten shows what happens after the seventh seal is opened in heaven in 1963. Christ comes to earth in an angelic form to personally take charge of the perfecting of His Bride, as the same seven spiritual angels that had the seven church ages and the seven seals sound their voices through the seventh church age messenger.

At this time, the seventh church age has become apostate, as did all the other church ages, and God begins to deal with the Bride as the seven seals are broken, and the scroll is opened in Christ's right hand. Christ then roars like a lion. This lets us know He's on earth in this form, and immediately the seven angels, that were assigned to assist Christ through the church ages, follow Christ's example and thunder their voices out real close together to finish the "mystery of God," which shows the seven church ages, referred to in the 13th chapter of Matthew, as the kingdom of Heaven. When John heard the thunders utter in 96 A.D., he was about to write what the angels said, but God spoke from heaven to John and said write it not. God used Brother William Branham to open the Word for us as the seals were broken in heaven, prior to Christ descent to earth with the seven angels that utter their voices to John, and it was revealed to Brother Branham what was said that John could not write about.

Verse seven of chapter ten lets us know that at the time of the seven thunders the earthly messenger is finishing his message, for Revelation 10:7 reads, "But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished." This shows us the seventh messenger is finishing his message as these seven angels sound their voices through his voice (William Branham) to reveal the seven seals to Christ's Bride.

Verses 8-10, lets us know that what's in the little book is not what the church is accustomed to, for though it sounds good as it's preached, it's a little heavy on the digestive system. Verse 11 lets us know this is a worldwide thing and is taking place now. It's prophetic preaching by the five fold ministry. read chapter

Since Revelation, Chapter 10, has been fulfilled, please read the following book entitled, The Chronicles of the Tenth Chapter and Eating of a Bitter Meal


Chapter eleven shows the temple is rebuilt at the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel, as two prophets with the spirit of Moses and Elijah on them prophesy to Israel. The anti-christ breaks his covenant at the middle of the week and kills the two prophets. This is the second woe. This chapter also records the seventh trumpet.
read chapter


Chapter twelve shows a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head. This woman is with child and gives birth to a man child. This woman is Israel as she gave birth to Christ.

This chapter also shows a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns. This is the Roman Empire through time as it relates to the first coming of Christ and also here at the end-time. The Romans tried to kill Jesus as a child. Later after His work was finished, He was crucified and caught up to the throne of God. This same woman that brought forth the man child is seen here, almost 2000 years later fleeing from the face of the dragon into the wilderness to the place God has prepared for her to hide from the pope's armies during the last 3 1/2 years of Daniel's 70th week. This chapter also shows satan being cast out of heaven, which is the third woe. read chapter


Chapter thirteen shows two beasts, the first one that comes up out of the sea is the dragon of Revelation, chapter 12. It's the Roman Empire fully restored by the second beast like a lamb of chapter 13. The beast like a lamb is definitely the U.S.A. The image of the beast is the World Council of Churches that had it's beginning in the U.S.A. This chapter also shows the mark of the beast, and the number 666.
read chapter


Chapter fourteen shows the same 144,000 Jews that the seventh chapter shows, only here it's recorded what they are to do. This 144,000 is the ministering part of Israel. They are to preach the everlasting gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people in the last 3 1/2 years of Daniel's 70th week, and calls the "born-again" out of the denominational churches.

This chapter also shows Christ loosing the spiritual forces to cause a condition that brings the world to the battle of Armageddon. read chapter


Chapter fifteen shows the souls of those that gave their lives for the Word of God, standing on the sea of glass mingled with fire. These are both Jews and Gentiles that are slain by the beast. This chapter shows that at this time God is ready to pour out His judgment. read chapter


Chapter sixteen shows the seven last vials, as they are God's final judgment upon this earth before Christ comes to start the millennial reign. The vials are very detailed in this chapter. read chapter


Chapter seventeen shows the Roman Catholic Church as she rides this restored beast of Western Europe. It also gives us a history of the Roman Empire and shows us that in the end, the very beast that the Catholic Church is riding will turn against her and burn her with fire. That is at the end of the 70th week of Daniel. read chapter


Chapter eighteen shows the judgment part of the ministry of the 144,000 Jews as they call judgment upon Babylon. The angel of verse one shows the mighty anointing of God on their ministry. This 144,000 condemns these false churches and calls out all that are born-again before the judgment falls on Babylon. This chapter also shows the commercial activity of the Roman Catholic Church. read chapter


Chapter nineteen shows the people rejoicing because God has judged the great whore. Verses 7-9 tells of the Bride getting dressed in fine linen and is married to Christ, and is at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb while the tribulation is going on in the earth.

This chapter also shows Christ and His Bride coming back to the earth to put down all rule and authority at the end of the tribulation period. The spirits of the beast and the false prophet are cast alive into the lake of fire, and the remnant of their armies were destroyed. read chapter


Chapter twenty shows us that satan is bound for a thousand years at the beginning of the millennium. Verse 4 shows us the Bride as she takes her position of authority at the beginning of the millennium. It also shows us that the tribulation saints that gave their lives for the gospel, by refusing to worship the beast or his image, are raised from the dead at this time.

The tribulation saints are given positions of authority in the millennium, but in a lower degree, than the Bride.

Chapter twenty also shows us that by the time the millennial reign is over, that the earth will be repopulated with mortal people that have not been tested. So God turns the devil loose for a little season to try them. Satan succeeds in deceiving a number as the sands of the sea shore, but fire destroyed them. Then all the dead are raised and judged at the great white throne judgment, and death and hell is cast into the lake of fire to be destroyed. Then the world goes into eternity. read chapter


I feel it's very important to read this prelude before reading chapters 21 and 22. It shows the earth is made new as God redeems the earth, as He did mankind. In these two chapters, God lets John see what He has done through time in His great redemption plan. He shows what He has done by letting John see His Spirit come back to earth on what He has redeemed. In fact, what John saw coming was already here on earth. So there is nothing tangible at all coming down; it's God coming to what He has redeemed. How beautiful, as we see this great sight! read chapter


Chapter twenty-one shows us the new heaven, and new earth that other writers of the scripture have written about. It's the Garden of Eden all over this planet, with the exception of a 1500 square mile area and that's better than the garden was. That's the city. The city needs not the sun, nor moon to light it. The throne of God and the Lamb is the light of this land area where the glorified saints dwell, which is the city, but it will take the sun and moon to light the rest of the earth where the mortal nations dwell. (Isaiah 30:26)

Chapter twenty-one shows the new heaven and the new earth, and the externals of city of God; which includes the gates, wall and foundations; etc, coming to the new earth and details the externals of the city. read chapter


Chapter twenty-two shows us the internals of the city; the throne, the river of life, the tree of life and her twelve different fruits. The leaves of this tree of life are for the healing of the mortal nations. At this time, there's no more curse, no more death, nothing but the blessings and joy of the Lord, as we dwell with the One that redeemed us for all eternity. read chapter

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May God bless you as you read this book is my prayer.

In Jesus Christ's Name,
Bro. Ben Howard



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