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The Intrepreted Book Of Revelation

The first edition of the this book, The Interpreted Book of Revelation, was printed in 1980, with a second edition being printed in 2005.  Concerning Revelation, Chapter 10, of the Book of Revelation, it has been fulfilled, and the furtherance of revelation of it is written in our book, The Chronicles of the Tenth Chapter of the Book of Revelation and the Eating of a Bitter Meal.  Feel free to download both books at the bottom of this page.

The Book of Revelation is a book of symbols, which; when interpreted, is prophecy in the highest order. It's not a book that deals with the doctrinal or foundational teachings that were brought to us by the apostle Paul and the other writers of the scripture on how to be saved or how to accept God's plan of salvation.

The Book of Revelation was written in 96 A.D. after the church fell from its first love. (Rev 2:4) It shows how the church hardly existed through time in its fallen state. It also shows (and more importantly) the church restored back to its original position here at the end-time.

The early church did not fall from the Book of Revelation, because it was not part of the written instructions for the church at the beginning. It's a Capstone Book, and not a Foundational Book, and therefore is only interpreted to the church here at the end-time. Its God's love letter to the Bride; and Christ makes love to His Bride as He gives her the Spirit of Revelation and reveals hidden secrets to her. That's the reason for this book, "The {Interpreted} Book of Revelation." It's God putting Great Grace (Acts 4:33) upon His church just before the Rapture takes place.

Also, may I say, many readers of the Book of Revelation have mistakenly referred to John, the writer, as John the author. But, in no way can we correctly call John the author of the Book of Revelation. He was hardly more than the writer, only a vessel that God used to transmit His thought to written word to be revealed here at the end-time. Jesus was, and is the author of the Book of Revelation.

Likewise the writer of this book fully realizes that the AUTHOR of the Book of Revelation is the One that has given the inspiration for the true interpretation to this writer. So, I pray you will very prayerfully consider the interpretation of the Book of Revelation, for the Bride of Christ will have perfect understanding of what is taking place here at the end-time; for Her light (understanding) is as clear as crystal. (Rev 21:11)

Also, may I--Ben Howard--say: for more than 45 years I have ministered on the writings contained in this book, as a missionary in many nations and here in the USA, in churches, auditoriums, community centers, private homes, as a radio preacher, on interviews, and now on the internet, as pastor of the Sound of Liberty Assembly near Dawsonville, Georgia (USA) and other types of public appearances. In many of these speaking engagements, interviews and etc., there were tape recordings made and notes taken on what was said, of which I now have no control of.

--Therefore, be it known to all: That this book supersedes, and invalidates, any writings, recordings or other types of information obtained from this writer that seems to be -or- is contradictory to this writing, if such information was obtained prior to this updated publication.

--This I say, because many sermons in book form and especially on cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, videos, and on the internet have gone into many areas of the world over the years that are less enlightening, and some older messages may even contradict this writing, as I have done as II Peter 3:18 teaches us; "To grow in grace and, knowledge of our Lord."

--So, I say unto you that have been associated with this ministry over the years, as well as you that are reading this for the first time; that this book will shed more light on the "Book of Revelation" than any of my previous messages that you may have, whether on tape, written in book form, or your own personal notes on the things that this writer has delivered, whether 45 years ago or five years ago.

--This I say, because the same Spirit of Revelation that caused John to write the Book of Revelation has caused it to be interpreted here at the end-time for His Bride.

This is speaking in relation to the overall Book of Revelation, and is not intended to exclude any further revelation that God would give later to myself or any other of God's true servants on the Book of Revelation. You can rest assured that any true revelation will not contradict this writing.

Very soon, all the true ministry will see eye to eye (1st Cor. 1:10) on this interpretation as the revelational voice of God begins to speak from heaven in greater clarity by His Spirit (Rev. 10:8) on the things you are about to read.

May I request of you the reader, to realize that this writing is only for those that have spiritual ears to hear what Christ is saying to His Bride as He makes love to Her, because the Book of Revelation is God's love letter to the Bride.

So, after reading this book, if it does not awaken your inward self and enlighten your soul, then I'm sorry to have taken your time, and would you please pass this book on to someone else for their prayerful consideration, maybe it's for them. I thank you very kindly for your time and cooperation.

My prayer for you the reader is: That God will give you the spirit of wisdom and knowledge, and that the eyes of your understanding may be enlightened. That you will understand the foregoing pages of this book. And may this book help you to get dressed in fine linen (Rev. 19:7-9), so that you may become the wife of Christ by becoming one-with-His-Word in this late hour. Amen.

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The Interpreted Book of Revelation 
The Chronicles of the Tenth Chapter of the Book of Revelation and the Eating of a Bitter Meal 


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