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A Saved-Back Suit

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard
Around the time of these happenings, Brother Claude Loggins, a dear brother in the Lord who attended our church, along with his wonderful family, had a dream (prior to going home to be with the Lord) about going to a store that sold men's suits; the store had almost sold out of suits, so he purchased one for himself and commented on the fact that they had sold out of suits to the store attendant. At that time, the attendant reached under the counter and pulled out a nice suit and said, "I have put this away for Brother Junior (my name is Ben Howard Jr., and those that knew me before my father passed away called me Junior).

The reason I'm telling you this dream is that while I had been thinking and praying about going on the Internet, I had a dream that Brother Loggins came to my home and said, "I've brought you something Brother Junior." Then he handed me a shirt and tie. At this time I woke up; I just laid there thinking about what I had dreamed. When my wife woke up, I told her about what I had dreamed. She asked me, "Why did he give you just a shirt and tie and not a complete outfit?" Then suddenly the dream came to my mind that Brother Loggins told years ago concerning the suit that the man (store attendant) had saved back for me.

So the shirt and tie completed the suit that I needed for this great work on the internet and for this end time. I'm fully dressed with the full armor of God according to Ephesians, Chapter 6, as Paul tells us to put on the whole armor of God.
My Testimony
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