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Another Trip to Africa

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

Salima, Mozambique Chikula, Mozambique We want to praise God for another trip into Africa, which had been planned a year earlier in 2003. It had to be cancelled because of my having a massive heart attack three days before we were to leave. The doctors felt that I would not recover. I not only recovered, but resumed the work in Africa by going on an 18 day trip in June of 2004; preaching two services a day with many interviews in between. We met many brethren that found it refreshing to find someone that was preaching the Apostolic Doctrine as Paul preached, with no denominational affiliations. May God continue to bless the saints in Africa .

We arrived back home on July 12th, and began work immediately after a 24 hour flight. Jesus said, "Work while it is day." We don't know when the Lord is going to call us home, so I want every moment I have left to count for the Lord. This is our purpose in life. We were privileged to return again to Africa during the years of 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009. Below are some of the inspired audio and video messages that were given to the beloved wife of the Lamb.


1. Blantyre and Mwanza, Malawi
Walking in the Light and the Blood Cleanseth Us 
The Blood and Light Travel Together (low lighting)
The Healing Medicine of Taking Courage (low lighting)
Following the Life of the Word (Part 1) 
Following the Life of the Word (Part 2) 
Following the Life of the Word (Part 3) 
Hearing His Voice Again Gives Us Courage to Take the Little Book 
2. Caia, Gorongosa, Chimoio, and Beira, Mozambique
Why Did John's Disciples Follow Jesus? 
Strength and Mercy through This Ministry 
Being Accepted in Christ with All His Benefits 
John's Disciples Get a Wake-up Call 
3. Eldoret, Kenya
Jesus Christ Preached the Gospel to the Poor 
Being Born Again of the Right Seed 
The Bride Is Led by Revelation 
Voices from the Past 
4. Chicula, Nyakhanzi, Salima, Mchacha, and Tete, Mozambique
Mozambique! God Is Inviting You to the Marriage Supper 
We've Come through Evening Light, Now There Is a New Day 
God Is Sending Salvation Your Way 
He He Has Made of One Blood All Nations
But Now... 
5. Thambani, and Mwanza, Malawi
Paul's Ministry before the Church Ages 
There Were Two Parts to Paul's Ministry 
It Happened to John on the Isle of Patmos 
6. Harare, Chitungwiza, and Eb-Worth, Zimbabwe
Bride of Zimbabwe, Hear Ye Him!
Obtaining That Which Was Previously Unobtainable
Discerning the Timeline of the Scripture   (low lighting)
Weep Not Little Bride 
 (candle light only at beginning)
The Transition of the Bride from Engagement to Marriage 
7. Chilanga and Kalomo, Zambia
Paul Planted, Apollos Watered, and God Gave the Increase 
Christ' Wife Is Thinking with the Mind of Christ
The Final Stage of the Matured Five Fold Ministry 
All Africa Is Hearing the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ 

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