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The Wife's Covenant

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

When we read Paul’s writings, we find that he laid the prophetic Word for the wife’s covenant within the New Testament (or New Covenant).  This means that when Paul was introducing the New Covenant, all who would believe and accept the Lord Jesus Christ, receiving their new birth, would be under that new covenant.  Wherever he went, he boldly proclaimed this new covenant by telling the nations that they could not be justified by the Old Testament Covenant that God had made with the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.  He also began to tell the Jews that Christ Jesus was not only their Messiah, Savior, and King, but he was also telling them, “It is Christ in you, the Hope of Glory!”  Needless to say, he was rejected by all except those that God had ordained to believe his preaching concerning ‘the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ of both the Jews and the Gentiles.’  But Paul kept right on preaching this New Covenant to all.  And as we follow Paul’s preaching, we see that his message began to turn more towards Word that could only be understood by revelation.  This was true of both the Jews and the Gentiles, who collectively were a specific group—the virgin that was to be married to Christ.  (2 Corinthians 11:2-3)  From this point on, Paul began to lay a foundation for the wife’s covenant within the New Testament Covenant that would eventually produce a marriage to the virgin whom his message espoused to Christ.  But lo, and behold, the serpent came into the picture and beguiled this young virgin (as he did Eve), and the marriage did not take place at that time. 

So Paul began to lay away prophecies that could not be fulfilled in his day.  And as the virgin fell away, she went into the long period of time known to us as the seven church ages.  At this time, the virgin came under a survival law as God saw fit to send each particular age a message, which would be their salvation in that time period.  This time period is also known as the kingdom of heaven age, which wheat and tares would grow together until the Mighty Angel of Revelation, Chapter 10, proclaimed that there should be time no longer for it to be like this.  (Revelation 10:6)  And now we have reached the time where the wife’s covenant that Paul prophesied about and laid the foundation for comes into plain view.  This applies to those that were ordained and chosen of the ten virgins that are shown in Matthew 25:1-12 to be married to God’s own Son.  These prophecies were sealed away in the Book of Redemption and is the part of it that is known as the little book of Revelation, Chapter 10.  This is the wife’s covenant that’s within the New Testament Covenant.  This marriage covenant for the wife is made known by the sounding of the last trump of God message and is now being preached.  This last trumpet message completes what was begun in Paul’s day by facilitating our marriage to Christ, the living Word.  And now we are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.  (Ephesians 5:30-33).  Our marriage to the Lamb has produced this glorious union with our Lord, as He has given us the Christ part of His name, which makes us the fullness of the body of Christ in the earth, known as Christ the wife.  (Ephesians 4:13-16)

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The Wife's Covenant
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