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My People Will Come Here
to Find the Answer

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

At this point I want to go back to the ending of my first 40-day fast to bring out something that happened at that time. My church wasn't doing as good as I thought it should be doing in the way of attendance. During my fast, another one of the questions I asked God was if I should close the church and start traveling again full time. I did not get an answer while on the fast, but on the 38th day of the fast God gave me the answer to the question I had about brother Branham's ministry, and told me that I would receive answers to the other questions I had.

At this time we had a meeting with Brother Billy Andrews doing the preaching. He knew a Brother in Anderson, South Carolina, by the name of Gerald Cleveland, who is believed to be a New Testament prophet. Billy told him about the meeting, and Brother Cleveland, whom I had never met before, came. During the meeting the Spirit of the Lord fell on him (many people witnessed a light come in through the window and it rested over Brother Cleveland's head) and he began to prophesy and said, "Yea saith the Lord, I have raised this place up and ordained it, and my people will come here to find the answers, thus saith the Holy Ghost." I knew right then why the Lord didn't tell me while I was on the fast; because He ordained to tell me this way. There were many witnesses in attendance including Brother Loggins and family, Brother J.T. Padgett, Brother Steve Peterson, Brother Paul Anderson, and the list goes on. The church was filled to capacity. God always keeps His Word.  At the end of the audio sermon only of Bishops, Elders, Deacons, and The Five Fold Ministry, Brother Cleveland tells about it.

Bishops, Elders, Deacons, and the Five Fold Ministry

My Testimony
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    As I was meditating, it seemed like I could hear a voice off in the distance.