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Fish Caught Only by Special Permission

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard
It was right after this meeting the Lord gave me a dream about "catching fish." The dream started at the edge of what appeared to be a jungle and there was a river that came through it. Then there appeared a being whose appearance was such that you could see right through him. He said, "Follow me." Then He began to walk beside the river bank into the jungle. He said, "Be careful, don't break any sticks or make any noise." (This meant that He was going to keep this Message hid, until He got ready to reveal it.) It seemed we walked all night long through the jungle and you could hear the animals as they moved around. He cautioned me, "Keep following me, keep following me, put your feet where I put mine." This was so that I would know the way and not let anything distract me. Finally we came to a clearing in the jungle. As we got there, I looked over into the river and there were many large fish swimming around. On the river banks there were cane fishing poles with hooks already on them; and then He said to me, "Cast in and catch fish, because these can only be taken by special permission (predestination)." At His word, I cast in and the fish came to the hook. I began to pull out large fish. With that, I looked around for the one I had been following, but He was no longer there. Then I woke up from my dream and the words were on my mind, "Be careful, don't break sticks." But I have now arrived at the clearing where it is time to catch fish and I don't have to be careful about breaking sticks. One other thing, the hooks that I was using to catch fish didn't have any natural bait on them. The wife doesn't need or want flowery gimmicks or entertainment, and she doesn't care if there is a big crowd; for the pure Word is her spiritual bait. The spoken Word for this hour is all the bait she needs.
My Testimony
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