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Young Girl Speaks in Unknown Tongue and Heard in English
Agua Boa, Mozambique

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

Young girl at the back, right hand corner of picture, wearing a solid royal blue shirt.

The meeting had just finished with us getting to hear the message, "The Authorizing Voice Visits Mozambique." My wife Barbara and I were sitting in the vehicle while waiting for three other minister brethren, Brother Enoch, Brother Tembo, and Brother Nkwande to return. While we were waiting, this young girl came up to the window of the vehicle. We heard her say to me, "You are a servant of the Lord sent unto us." Then she turned and quickly walked away. It took us totally by surprise, and I made the comment to my wife, "That was strange." She thought so too. We just felt something strange about it.

Then the three other ministers that we had been waiting for came, and we left for Blantyre, Malawi. We didn't say anything about it to these brothers, until we got almost to Blantyre. Then Barbara mentioned about the child coming to the window and saying that. Brother Enoch asked, "You mean you understood what she said?" Barbara said, "Yes, we both heard her and understood what she said; she spoke in perfect English." Both Brother Tembo and Brother Enoch started yelling excitedly, "It was God, It was God! There is no one in that village that can speak English." And they just kept telling us over and over that there is no one in the village that could speak a word of English.

After coming back to the United States, we sent Brother Enoch a picture of the girl that was in amongst the crowd; a picture that we had taken after the meetings, prior to her coming to the vehicle. Later he went back to the village in Agua Boa to preach, and to confirm what had happened. He spoke to the young girl in her native language, and she could not speak a word of English. He asked her did she remember going to the vehicle to speak with the visitors. She said, "Yes, I just felt the presence of God and walked over to the vehicle." Brother Enoch asked her, "Do you know what you said to Brother Howard?" She answered, "No, I don't know what I said. I spoke in a language I had never heard before."

The Authorizing Voice Visits Mozambique

August 20, 2006


My Testimony
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