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A Seamless Transition

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

I want to tell you about a dream I had in December of 2014 that took place the night before I was to preach in West Virginia. The dream began with me in a body shop where the workers were working on wrecked automobiles, putting them together after they had been badly damaged. They had invented this glue that was very strong. With this glue, they would put the metal together and smooth it out and you couldn’t even tell where it had been put together. And then I woke up.

Now in my dream, putting this automobile together was made possible because someone had formulated a glue that the workers were using that was so strong that they could take the two good ends of each of the automobiles and glue them together in such a way that it was seamless where they made the connecting. And only the highly trained eye would have known that the automobile had been wrecked, because the automobile was brought back to what the designer had designed it to be originally. So my thought here is this: God gave an original projection of what the wife of the Lamb would be, but the plan was wrecked before it reached the perfection which is seen in Ephesians 4:13-16. I’m talking about the espoused virgin church here that was destined to become the wife of the Lamb.

So originally there was to be a marriage and that meant becoming bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh; but it didn’t happen in Paul’s day. Now here’s where the dream comes into view. It seems the glue that was being used to repair the automobile was so strong that they could connect the metal together with it; and it was made so smooth that no one could tell where it was put together unless they had revelation (unless it had been revealed to them). That’s this message today. It is connected with Paul’s prophetic Word in such a way that it glues the espoused virgin of Paul’s part of the message to the marriage of the virgin to the Lamb without a seam in the entire transaction.

The Apostle Paul's sounding and the sounding of this last trump have become one sounding. This was Paul's trumpet first, but now it's ours, two soundings through one trumpet. It was Paul's trumpet while he was sounding it (his prophesying), but now two thousand years later it's been given to us for our part of the sounding.

Now as this trumpet is sounding, it will raise the dead and change the living. It's a seamless transition as the dead are raised and the living are changed. (1 Corinthians 15:51-57) Two soundings become one in the perfect marriage of the Lamb.

A Seamless Transition

My Testimony