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"It's Scotch-Guard"
(Dipped before the Foundation of the World)

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard
I was thinking about the scripture in Matthew 5:48 that says, "Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect." I was wondering how that would fit, knowing that we could not be as perfect as He is perfect within ourselves. I was wondering how to apply that scripture seeing that we all have our mistakes and shortcomings. I went to bed that night with these thoughts on my mind. During the night I had a dream, which was a very simple dream.

In the dream, I was in a very large room; there was nothing in the room but a table and a wash pan (a bowl) with some type of liquid in it. Laying on the table was a white piece of cloth. It was so glistening white that it would almost hurt your eyes to look at it. As I was looking at all this, wondering what it was all about, suddenly a man's hand came down through the ceiling, picked up the white cloth, and dipped it into the liquid getting it real wet. Then the cloth was squeezed out and laid back on the table. Then as the hand started to move back up through the ceiling, I heard a voice say, "It's Scotch- guard." Then I woke up.

Immediately my mind went to Ephesians, Chapter One. It says, "Before the foundation of world, He predestinated you to be holy and without blame before Him." He did that before He ever made the world. He did that before He ever made you. He did that and planned it out that way. Now Scotch-guard is a liquid that is used to stop anything from having a permanent stain on it. If you get a new sofa or something, you'll want to treat it with Scotch-guard in case someone spills something on it, so that you can just wipe it off and there won't be a stain left on it. I believe that before the foundation of the world, in the eyes of God, you were dipped and God predestinated you. He fixed it back there where you could never become permanently stained, "Because no sin shall enter there."
My Testimony
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