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A Vision of Hell

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard
Our being forgiven of our sins and accepting the fact that we have been forgiven does not remove all memory of wrong doing from our mind; so therefore, at times when I would feel low in the spirit I would have thoughts like, "Am I really forgiven?" "Are my sins really taken care of?" Then Satan would begin to speak and bring things to my memory that I had done, and it would cause me to feel as though I had not done what I needed to in order to be forgiven.

It was at one such time that the Lord gave me a vision. There I was - in hell - such a miserable place it was; such a feeling of depression and hopelessness that I can't even begin to find the words to describe to you the depth of it. There I was, and there stood Satan in front of me. He was laughing hideously and saying, "I have got you after all." Then he started accusing me of sins I had committed. Oh, I felt so bad. I wished I could die, but I couldn't. Then I heard a noise to my right, and then all at once Satan stopped laughing. He became very fearful and began to tremble. All of a sudden, the Lord walked up; He did not speak to me, but addressed Satan directly. He repeated the same three sins that Satan was accusing me of. The Lord said, "Yes, he did this, but I died on the cross and spilled my blood and now his sins are all gone."

Since that day, I ceased to have trouble believing that I am totally forgiven.
My Testimony
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