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Given "Two Twenty Dollar Bills"

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

Now continuing the testimony of God's leading in my life through the Holy Ghost throughout the years to this present time. One night as I lay in bed thinking about what God had been doing in the closing out of this age (about Brother Branham's place in this last church age, and his death in the auto accident, and what we were to do from here to the rapture) I fell into a deep sleep and had a dream. Just as quickly as I had fallen asleep, I was wide awake. I felt the dream was of God, seeing how I was thinking about leadership concerning where to go from here.

In the dream, I was walking toward what appeared to be a pasture of rolling hills of very green grass. It seemed to me as though I was walking on an old wagon trail or road; it seemed to be a well-traveled wagon road that crossed a little creek. As I got to the ford (place to cross), I noticed a root protruding out of the bank of the road. It was about an inch in diameter and probably a foot long. It seemed that many people had tried to pull the root out of the bank, because there was a hole around the root about 3 inches in diameter. Many would pull or tug (which would be a typical thing to do). I walked up to it and tried to pull it out, but I couldn't. In the dream, I crossed the creek and walked up the hill until I got to the top; then I stopped to see the beautiful rolling hills. Then I noticed someone, a man, coming toward me. As he got closer I saw that it was Brother Raymond Jackson. So I just waited for him there. As he approached me there was no greeting neither from him, nor myself. He walked right up to me, reached in his pocket and pulled out "two twenty dollar bills" and gave them to me without saying a word. Then he continued his journey and walked over the hill, and I never saw him again. I looked at the two twenty dollar bills, and for the first time in my life I noticed the picture that was on a twenty dollar bill. It was the picture of Andrew Jackson. Then I folded the two twenty dollar bills and put them in my wallet. I turned and walked down the hill and across the creek and the root that was in the bank caught my attention. Again, I walked over to the root and took hold of it. All of a sudden, it came in my mind on how to get the root out of the bank. It was like a revelation, something in my spirit seemed to say, "Push the root in, twist it to the right, then pull on it, twisting it to the left; then twist it back to the right while pulling on it." It was like a combination to a safe, so I did exactly as it was told to me to do, and the root came out of the bank.

Upon waking out of my sleep, I thought on what I had just dreamed, and what might be the meaning thereof. This dream was showing me that "one of the twenty dollar bills" was Brother Branham's message and the other "twenty dollar bill" was Brother Jackson's message, him having the right slant on Brother Branham's message, and also bringing the truth of God's Word further on; opening a door so that the sheep could go through to greater revelation - just like Peter on the day of Pentecost used the keys to open the door to greater revelation, thus making a way for Paul's message. Now that I had received the life of both of these messages (the two twenty dollar bills), I was able to go on ahead and do what was ordained for me to do - pulling the root out that has been pulled on by so many over the years, thus having a clear picture concerning God's work here at the end time.

My thinking is this: I would not have known many of the things I know now, if it hadn't been for the 7 messages which includes: The Prehistoric Age, The Testing and Fall of Satan, The 70th Week of Daniel, and the The Kingdom of Heaven Age that God let Brother Jackson bring to the church after his meeting Brother Branham in a dream. In that dream, Brother Branham came to him and said, "I want you to speak for me." Brother Jackson had 7 titles to 7 messages written on a piece of paper and said to Brother Branham, "I will, if I can speak on these, Brother Branham." Brother Branham looked at it and said, "Perfect." The two twenty dollar bills (that Brother Jackson gave to me) represents what God gave Brother Branham, plus what God gave Brother Jackson, and with the life of both of these messages we are equipped to take this message on to the next level.

My Testimony
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