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This Is a Corn Grinder

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard
During the year of 1980, my wife Joyce (that passed on to be with the Lord in 1995) had a dream that we went riding in the country and we came to a farmhouse, and decided to stop. To our surprise there was other people around and they were all looking at old farm equipment. As we were in one of the barns on the farm, I reached under a plow and got something and said, "This is a corn grinder," and put it under my coat. I was talking with the other brethren, just being jolly with them, without telling them about the corn grinder. My wife said to herself, "They don't know that he has a corn grinder under his coat." After that, we got in our car and left. Joyce woke up from her dream.

It was sometime in 1984, I was preaching in Brother McGarity's basement of his home in Powder Springs, Georgia. I was preaching a message called, "He Brings Out of His Treasures Things Old and New". This was speaking of the Seventh Church Age Messenger and the parable of Matthew, Chapter 13, showing that Brother Branham not only restored back the written Word, but also brought things that were brand new to the church. All of a sudden, my wife Joyce went into a vision. She saw the corn grinder that I had gotten at the farmhouse earlier in the dream she had. In the vision, a hand was rubbing golden grains of corn on the corn grinder, and fine meal was falling from the corn grinder as I was breaking the Word of God to the saints there in Powder Springs, Georgia. The vision was interpreted to mean that the Word of God was being ground into fine corn meal (the finest meal) in order to be able to make the meal into a whole fresh cake! God was revealing the "old corn" (which is the original Word) and grinding it into a fine meal that could be mixed properly, baked, and sliced to perfection for the saints of God to eat. Surely God is moving in our day, just like in the Book of Acts.
He Brings out of His Treasures Things Old and New
My Testimony
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