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With God a Promise Made is a Promise Kept

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

This book entitled, With God a Promise Made is a Promise Kept, consist of seventeen sermons, showing that when God's makes a promise He keeps His promise.  And now in this last day, the last trump message of 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 is sounding out through the Lamb's Wife, for the changing of our mortal bodies, because a promise made is now a promise kept.  Below is a list of the sermons contained in this book, that are exclusively for the Wife of God's Son.

Locating the Place Where God's Plan is Taking Place

The First Sounding of the Trumpet Was For the Espousal and the Sounding of This Last Trumpet is For the Marriage

Awake Thou O' Sleeper to Walk the Earth in the Word Again, Unbound

But Now the Former Things Have Been Done Away With

How and Why God Created the Anointed Christ

Christ Walks the Earth Again, Unbound

Where Would the Wife of the Lamb Be Without This?

The Joy Of Living Here After the Coming of Christ Jesus

The Five-Fold Ministry In Another Form

 A Promise Made is a Promise Kept

The Quickening of the Promise is the End of All Strife

The Wife of the Lamb Is Speaking No Other Words Than What God Said Would Be Here

Things That Belong Exclusively to the Wife of the Lamb

Come Without Money and Come Without Price

Occasions Where the Christ Shined Through the Jewish Man, Jesus

Staying In Sync With The Present Day Word

The Lord Is Putting Flesh and Bones On The Theophanies In This Last Day

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With God a Promise Made is a Promise Kept
My Testimony