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Thus Saith the Lord

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

It was about ten years later at the end of August of 1980 that Brother Cleveland came to Labor Day meetings that we had here in Dawsonville, and the Spirit of prophecy came upon him again, and he said, "Yea, though I was here ten years ago and I spoke my Word and it was shunned, yet in this hour I have declared it again. And ye who refuse my call, I shall cut you off, saith the Lord." Also several testimonies were given at this meeting. Brother Bobby Stuart (from Alabama) said that there was something about the ministry that needed to be cleared up, and that he had been praying to God for an answer. He received his answer that night in the message that I preached at the meeting we were having. Brother Frank Speakman (from Alabama) was a witness to this, because before the meeting that night while driving up, Bobby spoke to him about there being something concerning the ministry that needed clearing up. (Please hear the message entitled, "Bishops, Elders, Deacons and the Five Fold Ministry" to hear the testimonies that these brethren gave that night and the mighty moving of God.)

Sometime after this, we were in a meeting with Brother Samuel Francis of Glen Fork, West Virginia. Brother Richard Ledford (from Georgia) and his wife who were attending our church at this time accompanied us there. While in West Virginia, Brother Ledford testified that he had been studying on something that I had taught concerning the apostle's office and also a booklet I had written called, The Bread Basket, Who Has It, when one night an angel from God came and woke him up and began to speak to him through the Spirit about the apostle's office. (Audio message and books can be viewed below.)

Bishops, Elders and Deacons and the Five Fold Ministry
The Bread Basket 

My Testimony
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