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Barrels of Money

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

I believe it was sometime during the late part of 2001 when I was feeling somewhat discouraged in my spirit, and I was thinking on what my life has been about. As far as the world is concerned, I'm probably a failure. I don't own very much and I am certainly not famous, nor do I wish to be. I was just thinking of all this and wondering if my work here for the Lord has had an impact. Sometimes when we get discouraged, us being human and all, we tend to start questioning things. The Lord knows we are human; that's the way He made us. He made us this way so that we could see our fallibilities as humans, and so that we could see Him as God, the infallible one.

Like I said earlier, He is always a present help in a time of need. I fell asleep while thinking on these things about my life. I had a dream, and in this dream I was back on the farm where I had previously worked. The man that I worked for always kept his money in brown lunch bags and he would keep them in the freezer. His life basically consisted of making money. So in this dream I was back on the farm and there were 5 wooden barrels sitting there. He pointed to them, and I noticed that each barrel was full of brown lunch bags. He said, "These are yours!" So I picked up a bag and thought to myself, "It is probably some of his one dollar bills." But when I opened it and looked, there was some ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, and one hundred dollar bills. At this point I woke up and wondered what it meant.

The next day I was walking through the house thinking and wondering about what this dream meant. Then suddenly a voice said within me, "It's the tapes." Then I understood what all the barrels of money was. It was the taped messages of God's Word that I have preached over the years. That's what my whole life has been about. It is worth more than anything in the world, more precious than silver or gold. This Word of God is absolutely priceless.

My Testimony
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