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The Dream of Pushing Back the Frontier

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

It was on June 24, 2003, that I had a massive heart attack, and by all human reasoning it should have taken me home. I had three clogged arteries, in which two of them were closed 100% and 95%. I underwent emergency proceedings to unstop the arteries. I was flown by helicopter (Life Flight) to a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, in which I was in intensive care for 5 days, with my heart only functioning at 20%. After being in intensive care for 5 days, they put me in a regular room for 2 more days, then they let me come home. The doctor informed me that with my heart only functioning at 20% that I could die. They said that if it was going to heal any, that it would do it within a 6 month period.  It didn't look good that I would recover from this. This was all fine for me because I had told the Lord that if I could not be of any more service to Him, then I was ready to go home.

Upon arriving back home, on the very first night, I had a dream of being in a place like Alaska where it was very cold with blizzard like conditions. I was approached by some men that wanted me to push back the frontier for others that were to follow. I was to take food and raiment and establish an outpost for those that would come after me. I was given food (the Little Book of Revelation, Chapter 10) and five suits of clothing. They were suits similar to what snow skiers wear. I took the food and the raiment and began to walk out in the blizzard. Although no one had ever traveled this way before, it seemed I knew exactly where to go and what to do. With this, I woke up. I believe the spiritual frontier is being pushed back and there are greater things ahead.

I went back to the doctor in January of 2004, so that they could check the function of my heart and do blood work. The doctor was amazed at the blood work because it was absolutely perfect, and my heart function had strenghtened.  Our God is able to do that which seems to be impossible. Praise His Holy Name! In hearing this news it strengthened me toward going forward to the internet, along with the dream the Lord gave me about "pushing back the frontier," and the dream where Brother Loggins had given me a shirt and tie to go along with the suit that had been saved back for me. So with this suit, shirt, and tie, I now had put on the whole armor of God! (Ephesians 6:10-21).

Please listen to the messages below as the spiritual frontier is being pushed back.


1. Mazabuka and Lusaka, Zambia
Why Are Some Things Hard to Be Understood? 
The 2nd And Is the Spiritual Word 
The Way More Perfectly
2. Glen Fork, West Virginia USA
Ministries of/with Similarities
Eden and the Seven Sealed Book 
3. Blantyre, Malawi
Paul Is Our Spiritual Father 
The Letter Killeth without the Spirit to Give It Life 
Two Types of Garments 
The Gospel of Your Salvation 
4. Kalomo and Lusaka, Zambia
The Holy Ghost and Pentecost 
The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge 
The Gospel to the Bride and the Gospel to the Brethren
Are We on Paul's Foundation? 
All Things Work Together for Good 
5. Glen Fork, West Virginia USA
The God That Has Spoken in the Past Speaks Again!
The Five Fold Ministry for the Homeland 
The Voice Of Authorization 
The Gospel of the Two Legs of His Coming
After Two Days We Lift up the Voice Together! 
6. Kampala and Rukungiri, Uganda
An Unbroken Stream of Revelation
Within the Framework of the Message 
The Growing, Multiplying, and Prevailing Word 
Where Two Ways Meet 
The Day Star, Part 1 
The Day Star, Part 2 
Tried by the Word until the Word Came 
7. Blantyre and Mwanza, Malawi and Tete, Mozambique
Walking in the Light
What Is This Mysterious Little Book? 
Jesus Christ, the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever!
The Male and Female Part of Christ 
Joined unto the Lord in the City of Tete
The Authorizing Voice Visits Mozambique 
8. Lusaka, Chilanga, Kalomo, and Choma, Zambia
Pushing Back the Frontier after Mystery Is Finished
The Bride Is Connected and Cannot Be Tossed to and Fro 
A Renewed Food for a Renewed Land 
Reaching Forth Your Hand 
He Delivers the Saints 
Able Ministers Connect Tree of Life/Tree of Knowledge 
Working All Things for Your Good According to His Will 
The Last Move for the Bride of Christ 
Why Did the Manna Breed Worms and Stink? 
How to Be Noble Christians like Those in Berea 
Words of Encouragement to the Saints in Zambia 
9. Dawsonville, Georgia and Glen Daniel, West Virginia USA
First Round Eaters
That Which Should Have Been for Your Deliverance Has Become a Trap to You
Two Parts to a Wedding: Ceremonial and Consummation
Who Are Those That Are Called to the Ceremonial Part of the Wedding Supper?
How God Put a Face on His Love
Who Is Worthy to Eat the Book?
My Gospel Becomes Your Gospel and My Grace Becomes Your Grace
Recognizing the Word That Was, That Is, and Is to Come
Perfect Righteousness In The Body Of Christ
Unlike Eve, We Waited for the Voice of Authorization to Eat  
I Will Not Speak of Those Things Which God Has Not Wrought by Me
There Is a Difference between a Wife and a Virgin
Is This the Mind of Christ, or Group Conformity?
Paul's Futile Attempt to Micro-Manage the Church
While You Were Gone..., We Got Married
The Growing, Wonderful, Mysterious, and Maturing Faith
He Came as a Thief in the Night
Confused Preachers Trying to Get You Engaged at Marriage Ceremony
Going from the Parables of Christ to Paul's Message
Jesus Christ, a Lad, Five Loaves, and Two Fishes
The Bride of Christ Is Chosen to Know His Will
Paul's Guideline of Working out Your Salvation with Fear and Trembling
Being Called to a Higher Level than Paul Took Us
There's Only One Man That Goes in the Rapture
How Christ the Mighty Angel Takes on Flesh and Bone
Our Redemption: Going from Daysman to Bridegroom
The Ministry of Jesus Christ and the Seventh Seal
Christ and His Wife up Close and Personal
Your Warfare Is Now Complete
The Perfect Wife for the Perfect Son of God
Apostolic Ministry for the Engagement and for the Marriage
It Has Gotten into the Body
The Two Ands, Day Star, and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
The Wife Is the Living Epistle
Jesus Disarmed Those That Were Armed with the Bible
God's Redeemed Family
The Change Has Begun

My Testimony
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    We met many brethren that found it refreshing to hear someone that was preaching the Apostolic Doctrine as Paul preached, with no denominational affiliations. May God continue to bless the African saints.