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Helicopter Dream (Foresight Bird)

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

Upon returning home I was troubled and did not know what to do, so I started praying about the sad situation; then I had a dream. It seems the Lord always finds a way to let us know what to do in times like these. In this dream, I was driving up a very high mountain, and as I reached the top I noticed that there was a flat area. As I drove up and parked my car, I noticed a helicopter sitting on the flat area. I got out of my car and looked around, and just beyond the flat area there was a cliff or a drop off. I walked over to the edge and looked to see what was over the cliff. I could not see very far because of the way the cliff went out a distance and then dropped straight down. Then I turned to go back to my car when I noticed another car had parked a little distance from the helicopter, so I turned and started walking toward the helicopter. As I did this, I noticed someone coming from the other car toward the helicopter, and as we walked closer to the helicopter I realized it was one of the brethren that I had met briefly and heard so much about at Brother Branham's funeral, a man by the name of Raymond Jackson (known by some as Junior Jackson, of Jeffersonville, Indiana). We both arrived at the helicopter at the same time, and we both got in and sat down without greeting or saying a word to one another. The pilot started the "foresight bird" (helicopter), and took us over the cliff where we could see beyond the mountain. It was a short trip, but we now knew what was beyond the cliff.  And with that the pilot landed the helicopter; then we both got out and went back to our cars. Then I awoke out of my sleep and began to think about what I had just dreamed. I began to realize that there was yet something to see in the Word and to know the direction in which it would come. The dream helped me to stay steady during a shaky time.

Now after the death of Brother Branham, I started inquiring about Brother Raymond Jackson. I was somewhat impressed with him after meeting him briefly at the funeral. I learned that he did not accept "church order" as some of the other brothers did. After learning more about the matter of what was called church order, it seemed to me the lack of the "Holy Ghost" order that made it necessary to have that type of church order. It seemed to be that the people were doing things with the gifts of the Spirit that was not honoring God, so Brother Branham had to put a stop to it there in his church. This church order that he put in his church should not have had any bearing on God moving in the churches in other areas. So my understanding of the Word was the same as that of Brother Jackson's on this matter. We can't take the gifts out of the assembly.

This brings me to the time when Brother Homer Brown sent me a publication called "Thus Saith The Lord," him being the editor announced that Brother Jackson would be in a meeting at "The Tabernacle of God" near Gastonia, North Carolina, and he wanted me to come to the meeting. At this time, I had began to attend Brother Mike Canada's church in Gainesville, Georgia, and found that Brother Claude Loggins whom I had met earlier was attending, so I talked to him about the meeting in Gastonia, and we decided to go. To our amazement, Brother Jackson was preaching directly from the Bible, instead of quoting the Prophet William Branham, on such topics as the 70th Week of Daniel, The Two Laws of Eden, The King on His Throne, and one of my favorite topics that he spoke on was, The Mystery of God (Rev 10:7, being a singular "mystery"), showing that the seventh angel (or seventh church age messenger's) message was to clear up the mystery of God concerning the church ages, and not all the mysteries of the Bible as I was being told. So at that meeting I approached Brother Jackson about coming to Georgia. Prior to this, I had been praying about whether God had wanted me to start a church in the Dawsonville area.

My Testimony
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  At the time, I was working in raising chickens on a large farm. As I had been praying about quitting this job to dedicate myself more to the ministering of the Word, I had a miraculous thing happen to me. . . .