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The Voice of Authorization

Testimony of Brother Ben Howard

In March of 2006, I preached in three day meetings in Midway, and Glen Fork, West Virginia. On the last day of the meetings which was in Glen Fork, I preached a message entitled, "The Voice of Authorization." Before I tell you about these meetings, I want to show how God was already leading me to bring us up to the message on the "The Voice of Authorization." This will give us a background and show the importance of this happening that led up to this testimony months before these meetings. It was in the months of July and August of 2005 that I had preached a series of messages on the Seven Church Ages, bringing some of the historical facts out concerning the church ages. Upon finishing the last age, in fact the very night after I finished preaching this series of messages, I had a dream that I was in something like an old lighthouse. Many people were coming from far and near to visit that lighthouse. They were coming because at one time the light had been there, but the lighthouse was now being used only as a memorial to something that once was. Like many others, I also was coming to this lighthouse, and I was thinking to myself as I was going out, "This will be my last time coming here." In the dream, the people were just coming to what has been rather than what is, see. It's good to know the things that God has done but He is a now God, and He's able to do exceedingly and abundantly above anything that we could ask or think. We thank God that He is moving in a special way. So in this dream I said, "I won't be coming back here anymore." I will never take another series and go into the deeper historical things of the seven church ages since we've come through them and they're over. They're history and I'm glad we know about them. But to have long history lessons proving who the messengers were and who the angels were and all these things, the Lord has said, "Don't spend so much time dealing with those details of what happened back there anymore. That part is accomplished, that part is finished, and that part is over with." So now we go on to greater things as we are now the wife of Christ.

The Voice of Authorization
Message delivered March, 2006,  Glen Fork, West Virginia 
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